Approach. Stance . Platform. 

WCT focus's its energy on emphasizing the understanding fundamentals and the "why's" behind it. We go about our days as a whole geared toward understanding: technique, tactics, and equipment set up + alignment. 

No one component is any more important than the other - just as no one part of the turn is any more important than another.

Equipment setup and alignment is such a major focal point for us. Think of it this way - if we ask you to put your body in specific positions throughout a ski turn, but your equipment is hindering you, therefore your productivity will likely be slow and frustrating.


WCT Believes in a providing a comprehensive, approach to training for racing. its not just about getting it done all at once - this sport takes time!

in building out the proper progression in a general overview 

WCT plans to offer seasonal training camps to teach, reinforce and revisit fundamentals & concepts to give the time to engrain the movements & understanding of the sport.



Spring camp is geared toward getting your new gear for the upcoming season dialed in while you are just coming off your last races 

Summer camp is when you hunker down and learn the fundamentals how's and why's and get a bunch of miles dong it.

Fall camp is when you learn tactical approach and up the intensity pushing for speed that's needed to win.