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Fall Training **Copper** GS & SL Camp November TBD

the gist

Touching snow for the first time for your last prep camp of the season is incredibly valuable, but getting to do it as early as you can in your final push of the prep season is critical. Give yourself those extra days to put the worry of not having enough days aside. Get on snow, knock the rust off, get your thoughts organized, and get your focus organized prior to your Team camps.

the breakdown

If you've been a part of any of our previous projects, you know our philosophy, concepts, and processes and how we talk about them - that is our backbone! That will always remain uncompromised. That is where we will pick up to revisit, and reinforce how to best go forward within these Camps. With that, for those joining for the first time - no worries, we will get you up to speed with that understanding to be most productive immediately.

These Camps moves quickly into a full go, full length scenario, while revisiting technical concepts with newly introduced tactical concepts straight away in gates.

>>> Constructed to dig into a discipline, and fully get up to speed.

These are get up to speed, and get going camps - no eff'n around!

High-Intensity. High-Energy. Highly focused. Your are going to get pushed - plain and simple!


<<>>Camp <<>>

>> OCTOBER 6 days on snow 10/20-10/25 >> Travel Days 10/19. 10/25-26 (depending on your itnerary / plans)

<< depart Copper after training on the 25th >>

>> NOVEMBER 6 days on snow 11/11-11/16 >> Travel Days 11/10. 11/16 (depending on your itnerary / plans)

<< depart Copper after training on the 16th >>

<<>> Transportation <<>>

>>Airports: Denver/Eagle-Vail <> Shuttle to & from (NOT included, nor organized)

>CME is the main transportation shuttle service used from these airports.

>> Driving: Coordinating with others is always a "greener" way to go! With that, if your wondering who might be coming from your gereral area were happy to help that conversation get started - just ask us!

<<>> Lodging (included) <<>>

>>PLEASE NOTE: this being a predominantly European based sport we are in full support of Euro sleeping model which is, two people in a bed - get used to it! (excluding Twin Beds and /or sleeper sofa's)

<<>> Food <<>>

Meals are on your own. Resturants are nearby and grocery store runs can help to be coordinated.


*** 6 day OCTOBER GS Camp > $2100

*** 6 day NOVEMBER GS & SL Camp > $2300


<-> Lift Access <->

"Early Season" Lift Pass is REQUIRED and MUST BE PUCHASED IN ADDITION TO the Camp cost (as everyone situation is a bit different - No matter what kind of pass holder you are you must purchase an Early Season Lift Pass. (no worries -you can take care of this on our "Camp Info" form)

... This is how they get ya on the IKON pass train...


  • NON - IKON PASS peeps>> Adult Athlete (18+ yrs.) $569.00 >> Teen Athlete (13-17 yrs.) $419.00

  • IKON PASS and Copper Pass holder peeps>> $149.00 (any age)

November Camp

IKON passes become usable on November 13th when Copper Mountain opens to the public - therefore you MUST select a lift access option.

  • A racer day ticket will be the rate - $65 / day.

  • If you are an IKON Pass holder you will need to purchase the $130 pass for the 11th & 12th.

  • If you are NOT an IKON Pass holder you will purchase the $390 pass 11th -16th

In Full

The past couple of years with the pandemic we have run a daycamp / hybrid model and we will continue with that. That means, athletes are not baby sat or micro-managed throughout their day. Once you get off the hill - do your work: lunch, nap, video , tune skis, online classess, dryland, etc... whatever that maybe.

Athletes look after their own food needs -of course we will help coordinate getting athletes to the grocery store for food shops and whatnot.

Afternoon dryland activities are suggested and led by mentor coaches, with different activities per day to suit the different needs from the day.

Video is daily with your group coach and mentor coach.

Townhomes are what we have organize for accommodations with full kitchens, and is a simple walk to the lift.

We have dedicated tuning rooms so bring your tuning boxes and vises. Benches will be provided - but if your driving and you have one, bring it!

Weather: As always we can plan and have progression build from the first day to the last but in the end Mother Nature dictates - everyday is weather dependent!

As coaches, we always work our ass off to make the best training possible happen!

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