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Spring Training **Copper** SL Camp May 26-30

the gist

This is the other shoe of the pair…
With our Spring GS Camp behind us we wanted to offer a slalom camp to just focus on that movement pattern entirely. This is the opportunity for that - to pound it out for a handful days while getting a ton of miles, and understanding. This is an important time of the prep, with days to make gains dwindling - taking advantage of this camp becomes critical ... up next - fall camps at the end of the prep season.

the breakdown

>>> 5 Day SL Camp $1900 without IKON, $1800 with IKON >> 5 days on snow > Travel Days 7/22. 7/27-28 > Airport: Reno > Shuttle to & from (included) > Lodging (included) > Food is on your own -grocery store runs can help be coorndianted.

*this camp is nuts & bolts Slalom. Get in, settle in, dig in...

*** 5 days of straight SL

++ depart to Reno Airport after skiing on 27th ++

In Full

Our SL Camp is a standalone camp with the thought to be more of a full go scenario. Of course our philosophy and breakdown of skiing on the front-end of camp beginning with concepts, drill work, free skiing to then progress into slalom gates to finish off. These day will be long and energy expenditure will be high. Camp is designed in such a way to get you back on your SL feet quickly and it get going.

The past couple of years with the pandemic we have run a day-camp / hybrid model and we will continue with that. That means, athletes are not baby sat or micro-managed throughout their day. Athletes look after their own food needs , as well as their transportation. Of course we will help coordinate getting athletes to the grocery store for food shops and whatnot.

Afternoon dryland activities are suggested and led by mentor coaches, with different activities per day to suit the different needs of different athletes,

Video is daily with your group coach and mentor coach.

Mammoth Mountain INN is our accommodations. From here it's a simple walk to the lift.

We have dedicated tuning rooms. so bring all your tuning boxes and vises. Benches will be provided.

Weather: As always we can plan and have progression build from the first day to the last but in the end Mother Nature dictates - everyday is weather dependent so having skis ready for either discipline (and /or pow skis )will be need - with the accompanying mindset. [Disciplines skied will be weather dependant on a day-by-day basis, except the standalone SL Camp]

**want a few more days of SL ?? Talk to us about joining the last 5 day block of the SL & GS Fundenentals Camp that ends July 21 and consider our 11 day Camp.

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