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Spring Training **Copper** SL Camp May 28-June 1

the gist

This is the other shoe of the pair from our Spring GS Camp. Same as our GS Camp - this is high-level / high intensity training environment with mentor coaches pushing the group, with varied course sets to challenge technical & tactical specific concepts. Just coming out for the season athletes are still able to push it high intensity and we are looking to take advantage of that.

Want to do the same in GS too? Connect this camp with our GS Camp that starts just ahead of this camp.

the breakdown

>>> 5 Day SL Camp $1650 >> 5 days on snow > Travel Days 5/27, June 1(after training) > Airport: Denver / Eagle >Transportation: Shuttle Service of choice is CME >> Food is on your own -grocery store runs can help be coordinated. > Housing is available if requested

*this camp is nuts & bolts Slalom. Get in, settle in, dig in...

*** 5 days of straight SL

++ depart after training on June 1st ++

In Full

The Camp concept is to make the most of your in-season ski shape, take advantage of it to keep pushing at a high intensity with our philosophical reinforcements. With an extremely motivated group of athletes form all over the country - this camp was a massive success last season.

The past couple of years with the pandemic we have run a day-camp / hybrid model and we will continue with that. That means, athletes are not baby sat or micro-managed throughout their day. Athletes look after their own food needs , as well as their transportation. Of course we will help coordinate getting athletes to the grocery store for food shops and whatnot.

Afternoon dryland activities are suggested and led by mentor coaches, with different activities per day to suit the different needs of different athletes,

Video is daily with your group coach and mentor coach.

Copper Condos/Townhomes will be the accommodations - from there it's a simple walk to the lift.

We will pass along info on tuning rooms upon arrival - so bring all your tuning boxes and vises. Benches will be provided.

The general flow of training (weather permitting)

5 Days Straight of SL

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