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Winter / In-season **Aspen** Speed Project SG DH Camp - March 11-15 '24

the gist

What's better than getting the proper training block prior to a race series knowing you're ready to go rip - nothing!
All we ever want is to prepare properly, find the right movements, dial in your equipment and go to the races ready to hammer!
Well, here is your opportunity ...
Our In-Season Speed Prep Camp will be focused getting you familiar and comfortable in a speed environment, moving properly, and getting your speed equipment set up, and dialed in.
We recognize the need for athletes to find their flow on speed skis and we're gonna help you get that.

the breakdown

>>> 5 Day Speed Camp $1500 >> 5 days on snow > 2 days of SG / 2 days of DH / 1 day of GS ( or SG /DH if needed)


>>Travel Days > Arrival March 10 > Depart (after training)  March 15

>> Airport: Aspen, Eagle, Grand Junction, Denver > Shuttle to & from (not included)

>> Lodging (not included)

>> Food is on your own -grocery store runs can help be coordinated

*This speed "project" can be thought of like a race - you take care of you: travel, housing, food, etc. ... Like a race! On-hill & video - we got you covered! We will have the hill set up and ready for you to do your thing. Our Coaches - only the best !

*** 5 days straight on snow

++ depart to Airport after skiing on 15th ++

*this camp is designed to get you up to speed, get you dialed in, and get you ready to rip making the most out of your final speed series of the season.


In Full

Our In-Season Speed Camp is 100% a full go scenario. Of course our philosophy and fundamental approach will be present throughout, as it always applies.

We know how valuable getting on speed skis to get your timing and movement coordinated, while at the same time getting your equipment dialed is. These days are critical to showing up to a race prepared.

The past couple of years with the pandemic we have run a day-camp / hybrid model and we will continue with that. That means, athletes are not baby sat or micro-managed throughout their day. Athletes look after their own food needs , as well as their transportation. Of course we will help coordinate getting athletes to the grocery store for food shops and whatnot.

Afternoon dry-land activities are suggested , with different activities per day to suit the different needs of different athletes,

Video is daily and one on one.

We are NOT organizing transportation and housing - this will help keep your cost to a minimum.

Tuning locations tbd -so bring all your tuning boxes and vises. Benches will be provided. but if your driving bring yours

coaches accommodations tbd

Weather: As always we can plan and have progression build from the first day to the last but in the end Mother Nature dictates - everyday is weather dependent so having skis ready for either discipline (and /or pow skis )will be need - with the accompanying mindset. [Disciplines skied will be weather dependent on a day-by-day basis.

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