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Camps & Training Projects

We offer our coaching eye, knowledge , and expertise - in action! On the hill, during prep is where it counts, to introduce new habits and then engrain them. Our approach and philosophy is specific and unique to only WC Tech which is how we can be so certain in what and how we offer it.

Camps & Training Projects

Here's how we do it at WC Tech Camps...

* Work with World Cup & National Team Coaches / Athletes
* Focus on Understanding the "why's" of fundamentals
* Special attention to equipment alignment & analysis
* Each micro group is led by a Mentor Coach (a present or former national team athlete still competing while training our camps)

First things first at any camp - Get your equipment looked at. Once we have that chat and get things in a good place to put it on snow for your first turns, we go do just that. From there it's a daily conversation, making adjustments as needed. This is our fundamental approach - we can't stress fundamentals enough!
So this is how it goes...
Step one: get equipment set up.
Step two: put it on snow immediately
Step three: go focus on understanding fundamentals and the movements associated
Point blank - We are hardened believers in the proper progression. Building and offering that correctly is the key to hitting the ground running at the beginning  of the comp season. We offer training camps at all the most important times of the prep season: Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Read more about this in our Approach.

At Training Camps with we provide the pace. Pace is always one of the biggest considerations to an athlete when taking part in any training camp. WC Tech knows the significance of this which is why all of our on-hill micro groups are led by a Mentor Coach. We use Mentor Coaches to be the example: like being the big brother. They are able to share and talk about feeling, approach, what they are woking on... all of it - every aspect!

Its not about just offering a camp to go ski at ...
WC Tech offers its own training camps which allows us to bring together a fantastic collection of athletes in any given camp. However, we realize that some Programs/Teams have different needs and might want something a little more personalized for themselves. Sometimes it's about providing a different perspective to not only athletes, as coaches can be mentored too. For this reason certainly can provide personalized private training camps to accommodate everyone's needs.

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