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Individual Performance Resources

You don't need the stars to align to perform at the highest end of of this sport - what's needs is hard work, determination and access to resources . Most of the time the best resources are incredibly hard to come by, not any more. WC Tech's mission is just that!

Individual Performance Resources

Lets face it the National Team has the resources to do what they need...
WC Tech knows how crucial the need for resources are for the rest.
Here's the deal: equipment must be spot on, time cannot be wasted while training on snow, and fitness can never be in question.
But how you comeback properly from getting dinged-up? Returning athletes form injury is something we absolutely specialized in. With our strength & conditioning background we have the ability to bridge all the steps along the way, from the point of injury to getting you back in the starting gate.

In short, we specialize in:
* Equipment Set Up & Analysis
* Strength & Conditioning
* Return To Ski (RTS)
* Coaching / Training Camps

If theres any one or multiple components that needs to be expounded upon - we are in place to best direct, manage, consult and personalize that for your needs.

As far as finding other performance needs: sports nutritionist, mental performance coach - We can direct you to the best in the business.

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